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Therapeutic Recreation Services

​Set goals. Have fun. Embrace rec.


Therapeutic Recreation Services

Recreational therapy, also known as therapeutic recreation, is a systematic process that utilizes recreation and other activity-based interventions to address the assessed needs of individuals with illnesses and/or disabling conditions, as a means to psychological and physical health, recovery and well-being. (taken from nctrc.org on Sept 28/17)

Set goals. Have Fun. Embrace Rec.

MELISSA TAR - B.A., TRO - Professional

Melissa graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Drama from the University of Windsor, and continued to  specialized in Therapeutic Recreation through Canadore College.  Immersed in her desire to be leading edge, she is  further pursuing her degree in Social Work, while also attending conferences embodied around her passion for recreation therapy.  Melissa’s life work is to create and deliver therapeutic programs for people of all abilities including, vulnerable populations (LGBTQ, youth, elders, people with intellectual/ mobility barriers), addiction and recovery, and mental health.  With over 10 years of experience working in the health services in Windsor-Essex County,  she recognized the need for Therapeutic Recreation and began her own company Embrace Rec. Activated to lead by example Melissa continually is involved in community wide projects, programs and networks, including coaching various youth teams and volunteering at various local organizations.  Melissa aims high and strives to lead by example by demonstrating a healthy and active lifestyle with compassion and empathy towards all of her clients.

The Story Behind Our LOGO 

--Perseverance & Resilience--

I believe we all have purpose and meaning in our life.  Sometimes we struggle to find our relevance in an ever changing world.  I had the idea to develop a separate company logo for when I'm working specifically with "at risk" youth.  I have overcome adversity in my own life.  The hardships that I endured have empowered me to become who I am.  I want to relate that to our younger generation, but I want something symbolic to encompass our struggles as a whole.  A resounding idea continued to present itself to me, and that was perseverance & resilience.

   A sea turtle is one of the most recognized creatures with an incredible tale for simply surviving as a hatch-ling.  It's statistically astounding what these vulnerable creatures must overcome  to  thrive for almost a century lifespan.  I want to embrace the inner strength of each of my young clients, by empowering them to physically persevere through barriers that may be inhibiting them from living a full life.  

The center of each of us is our being or soul; the drive that motivates us.  I grew up with circumstances that limited my vision of seeing how powerful I truly was.  I had  low self-esteem,  yet it was a result of my own self  doubt that I began to develop a resilience to my own inner criticism.   In my view the Lotus flower is an incredible example of resilience.  Under harsh, muddy conditions the lotus flower blossoms - clean and unscathed - with each new sunrise.  Metaphorically that is the daily re-creation of each and every one of us, and regardless of circumstances we have the opportunity to reemerge and begin again.  


I live in the present; a philosophical idea shared by many Buddhists.   Accountability and ownership of my role and how I project myself to the world is my responsibility, and by this extension  is how I want to encourage our youth to abide to their own direction of their worldview.  My motto "Own your Skit!".  Be honest with yourself, take accountability, be real (even if it hurts at times), and take ownership of who you are in the world.  

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